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Current Projects

Voelkel, J. G., Stagnaro, M. N., Chu, J., Pink, S. L., Mernyk, J. S., Redekopp, C., Ghezae, I., Cashman, M., Adjodah, D., Allen, L., Allis, V., Baleria, G., Ballantyne, N., Van Bavel, J. J., Blunden, H., Braley, A., Bryan, C., Celniker, J., Cikara, M., Clapper, M. V., Clayton, K., Collins, H., DeFilippis, E., Dieffenbach, M., Doell, K. C., Dorison, C., Duong, M., Felsman, P., Fiorella, M., Francis, D., Franz, M., Gallardo, R., Gifford, S., Goya-Tocchetto, D., Gray, K., Green, J., Greene, J., Güngör, M., Hall, M., Hecht, C., Javeed, A., Jost, J. T., Kay, A., Kay, N. R., Keating, B., Kelly, J. M., Kirk, J., Kopell, M., Kteily, N., Kubin, E., Lees, J., Lenz, G., Levendusky, M., Littman, R., Luo, K., Lyles, A., Lyons, B., Marsh, W., Martherus, J., Maurer, L. A., Mehl, C., Minson, J., Moore, M., Moore-Berg, S. L., Pasek, M. H., Pentland, A., Puryear, C., Rahnama, H., Rathje, S., Rosato, J., Saar-Tsechansky, M., Santos, L. A., Seifert, C., Shariff, A., Simonsson, O., Siddiqi, S. S., Stone, D. F., Strand, P., Tomz, M., Yeager, D., Yoeli, E., Zaki, J., Druckman, J. N., Rand, D. G., & Willer, R. Megastudy Identifying Successful Interventions to Strengthen Americans' Democratic Attitudes.


Willer, R. Building a Team Science Accelerator: A Strategy for Improving Diversity of Access and Knowledge Generated via Big Team Science.

Stagnaro, M. N., Druckman, J., berinsky, a., Arechar, A. A., Willer, R., & Rand, D. G. Representativeness Versus Attentiveness: A Comparison Across Nine Online Survey Samples.

Bai, H., Voelkel, J.G.,  Eichstaedt, J. C., & Willer, R. Artificial Intelligence Can Persuade Humans on Political Issues.

Wetts, R., & Willer, R. Antiracism and its Discontents: The Prevalence and Political Influence of Opposition to Antiracism among White Americans.

Ghezae, I., Jordan, J., Gainsburg, I., Mosleh, M., Pennycook, G., Willer, R., & Rand, D. G. Partisans Neither Expect nor Receive Reputational Rewards for Sharing Falsehoods Over Truth Online.


Hasan-Aslih, S., Hebel-Sela, S., Voelkel, J. G., Willer, R, & Halperin, E. A Megastudy Identifying Interventions to Reduce Support for Violent Conflict in Israel-Palestine.

van Loon, A., Giorgi, S., Eichstaedt, J.G., & Willer, R. The Relationship Between Regional Variance in Historic Racial Domination and Racial Animus in the Contemporary US.

Clayton, K. & Willer, R. Identifying Normatively Desirable and Politically Viable Structural Democratic Reforms.

Broska, D., Santos, L., Piff, P., Simpson, B., & Willer, R. The Effects of Belief in the American Dream on Empathic Concern for the Poor and Welfare Program Support.

Kamphorst, J., & Willer, R. Correcting Americans' Inaccurate Perceptions of the Material Benefits of Union Membership.

Stade, E. C., Stirman, S. W., Ungar, L. H., Boland, C. L., Schwartz, H. A., Yaden, D. B.,  Sedoc, J., DeRubeis, R. J., Willer, R.,  Eichstaedt, J. C. Large Language Models Could Change the Future of Behavioral Healthcare: A Proposal for Responsible Development and Evaluation.

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