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Current Projects

Voelkel, J. G., Stagnaro, M.N., Chu, J., Pink, S., Mernyk, J., Redekopp, C., Cashman, M., Druckman, J., Rand, D., & Willer, R. Megastudy identifying successful interventions to strengthen Americans' democratic attitudes.


Willer, R. Building a Team Science Accelerator: A Strategy for Improving Diversity of Access and Knowledge Generated via Big Team Science.

Bai, H., Voelkel, J.G.,  Eichstaedt, J. C., & Willer, R. Artificial Intelligence Can Persuade Humans on Political Issues.

Wetts, R., & Willer, R. Antiracism and its Discontents: The Prevalence and Political Influence of Opposition to Antiracism among White Americans.


Hasan-Aslih, S., Hebel-Sela, S., Voelkel, J. G., Willer, R, & Halperin, E.. A Megastudy Identifying Interventions to Reduce Support for Violent Conflict in Israel-Palestine.

van Loon, A., Giorgi, S., Eichstaedt, J.G., & Willer, R. The Relationship Between Regional Variance in Historic Racial Domination and Racial Animus in the Contemporary US.

Clayton, K. & Willer, R. Identifying Normatively Desirable and Politically Viable Structural Democratic Reforms.

Broska, D., Santos, L., Piff, P., Simpson, B., & Willer, R. The Effects of Belief in the American Dream on Empathic Concern for the Poor and Welfare Program Support.

Kamphorst, J., & Willer, R. Correcting Americans' Inaccurate Perceptions of the Material Benefits of Union Membership.

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