I am a Professor of Sociology, Psychology (by courtesy), and Organizational Behavior (by courtesy) and the Director of the Polarization and Social Change Laboratory at Stanford University
I study politics, morality, cooperation, and status.

Robb Willer, Matthew Feinberg, and Rachel Wetts. "Threats to Racial Status Promote Tea Party Support Among White Americans." SSRN Working Paper. PRESS RELEASE.

Matthew Feinberg, Robb Willer, and Chloe Kovacheff. "Extreme Protest Tactics Reduce Popular Support for Social Movements." SSRN Working Paper.

​Matthew Feinberg and Robb Willer. "Moral Reframing: A Technique for Effective and Persuasive Communication across Political Divides." Social Psychology and Personality Compass.


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Summer Institute in Political Psychology, Stanford University

August 14, 2019

Convocation, Carleton College

April 19, 2019

Affective Psychology Seminar, Stanford University

January 29, 2019

California State Association of Counties, San Diego, CA

November 28, 2018

Facebook, Menlo Park, CA

November 15, 2018


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