Robb Willer is a Professor of Sociology, Psychology (by courtesy), and Organizational Behavior (by courtesy) and the Director of the Polarization and Social Change Lab at Stanford University

He studies politics, morality, cooperation, and status.

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Pink, Sophia L., Michael Stagnaro, James Chu, Joe Mernyk, Jan G. Voelkel, and Robb Willer. 2020. "Five Experimental Tests of the Effects of Short Messages on Compliance with COVID-19 Public Health Guidelines." PsyArXiv Preprint.

Jan Voelkel, Joseph Mernyk, and Robb Willer. 2020. "Resolving the Progressive Paradox: Conservative Value Framing of Progressive Economic Policies Increases Candidate Support." PsyArXiv Preprint.

Yuan Chang Leong, Janice Chen, Robb Willer, Jamil Zaki. 2020. "Conservative and liberal attitudes drive polarized neural responses to political content." Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

Jay van Bavel, ...., Robb Willer. 2020. "Using social and behavioural science to support COVID-19 pandemic response." Nature Human Behaviour.


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Center for Advanced Study in the Behavioral Sciences


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